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King Valley Feature - Politini Wines and the Piano Accordion

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Politini Wines are a charming Sicilian family run winery in Chestnut, a village in the King Valley that will charm your socks off. A compelling winery to visit in the region, we were privileged to visit Politini as part of our 4 day tour of King Valley as part of a media/bloggers group. I found myself tasting wines and dancing to a piano accordion from the papa of the family Salvatore Politini at 11am on a weekday. Part of the fun and enjoyment that pervades this winery! 


The piano accordian is a popular instrument at Politini Wines at festivals or in our case, an early morning tasting. Salvatore was on fire this day! Amore! Romance and dolce vita...

In between tunes Salvatore went around tasting food and wine treats "for quality control purposes." Salvatore is the man who forged the business in the early years with tenacity, foresight and flair. He built much of the winery himself. Supplying grapes to local producers the family launched out with its own label in 2000.


As we arrived we were greeted by the Politini family and a bevvy of treats including these amazing cannoli's baked by Nonna Josie Politini. Sumptuous crispy outside and creamy custard goodness inside. Do what ever you can to get some of this!


Photos had to be taken, to reveal both custard side and chocolate side.


No to mention some gluten free almond cake treats and home made salami. The salami deserves a mention being from the back leg of the pig and sinew removed. Only the "good" fat is used muses Salvatore.... Come here for Salami Workshops where strangers suddenly become friends over a compelling salami making experience.

Politini Winemaker Luis Simian and his team produce some superb uncommon varietal wines along with the stock and standard. Unique topography, free-draining red-granite soils and meticulous vineyard management combine to produce grapes of excessive colour and intense character. Overlooking the upper reaches of the spectacular King Valley, Politini Wines is a family business focused on producing small quantities of elegant, fruit-driven cool climate wines.

Luis married Salvatore's and Jose's second daughter Bianca and has had experience at several premium wineries including Stags Leap in the Napa Valley USA. He's an enthusiastic winemaker whose risk taking has paid off in terms of varietals. One of the reasons I love King Valley is because here you can get fabulous Italian varietals hard to find elsewhere. 

Check out the Vermintino and Nero D'avola (an earthy deep red wine with plum and peppry nuances made in the Sicilian style and named after Avola in the deep south of Italy). Or the Grecanico, a white grape with lemon citrus tones. Or the Pinot Grigio. Not to mention a superb Sangiovese Rose and straight Sangiovese.


Politini Wines at the base of the Alpine Ranges is 35 acres of the ebulliant Italian spirit!


Politini Wines can offer some of the best accomodation of the region next to the cellar door.


Politini grounds are captivating especially in spring with flowers and blossoms in bloom. 


This Sangiovese Rose was so refreshing and memorable.

Politini Wines was a wonderful part of our visit to King Valley. I was struck by the friendliness of the family, its flair in terms of varietals, the beauty of the grounds and have my eye on that accomodation.

Some of the photos here were provided courtesy of Ewen Bell.