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NBHD Neanderthal Cafe - Quality with the Quirk

Neanderthal Cafe in Prahran is a breath of fresh air with its quirky features and serious coffee quality (breaking news: now closed). We enjoyed the humour and engagement of the hands on owners, brothers Nicholas and Dax Byrne.  This is not an austere cafe where you have to genuflect and avoid eye contact with the waiter - but rather a fun convivial destination. Foremost this place rocks when it comes to coffee. The coffee menu appears on a board and the coffee itself is highly impressive.


Neanderthal is the first cafe in Australia to perfect the process of serving up coffee from a beer tap - the Nitro cold brew. We had to try this. Served over ice this was considered a hit by a couple of us that shared it (namely Melbourne Sensory, in fact he ordered it). Nitrogen charged cold brew has been done overseas, but takes months to perfect, and these guys have succeeded. It was explained to us by one of the brothers that the process results in a low acidity.

Neanderthal also fascinated with its bike out in the courtyard. Patrons can pose for photos taken by the owner on Polaroid then placed on a wall display. Another quirk factor is the chin up challenge - count me out.

Neanderthal beams with a sense of sporty fun and playfulness...

Neanderthal may not be thought of by some as a premium burger destination but its kicks burger butt. I'd call it more old school than nouveau, but it hits the heights with fresh brioche, excellent pickles, quality seasoned patty and gooey cheese over bacon. Juicy and great flavour balance. The chips are also first class and presented on a tray next to the burger.

Or go for the Steak sandwich or Salmon on Rye. Or anything else they serve up - because it all looks good...

Having had the cold brew from the tap, I went for this Guatemalan single origin. Nailed it.


So satisfying...


With the coffee so good, we also consumed a single origin Ethiopian long mac - recommended to me without milk - for which I was grateful. This was so intense that just one drop on the tongue sent me off...


The kids enjoyed an Orio shake - indulgent.


Neanderthal quirky bike on the wall - in case you need one... Check out the club style set up with pool table upstairs and bar downstairs...


Fit out is modern with exposed brick and great use of timber...


Neanderthal is a hard name to spell (and the NBHD aspect is humorous to me) but the cafe delivers on several fronts. Some Melbourne cafes are strong in terms of coffee and put all their passion there but fall away a bit when it comes to food. These guys nail both. A serious coffee and culinary destination is to be applauded. Rock on.

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