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1806 Melbourne Bar Finery


1806 is a standout bar in Melbourne that impresses with its classic decor, bar skills and an air of sophistication. We headed there recently after the epic Moon Under Water launch at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club. We were in celebration mode and our friends Elodie Sablier the talented French musician and Sydney artists were looking for a top notch Melbourne bar. Check out our Best Bars in Melbourne.

What I love about 1806 is its finery - I appreciate grungy bars but when looking to impress here in Melbourne I prefer the classic refinement of 1806. Why the name 1806 - because it was then that the word cocktail was first put in print.

The cocktails follow a timeline of some 200 years, and The World Loves Melbourne notes a trend in several bars around Melbounre to give a nod to the cocktails of yesteryear transporting them to today.

1806 is an institution in Melbourne and has a global following, having produced some of the most successful bar events and personalities in the industry. Coming here is not just about enjoyment but about education.

1806 3 

Sit back on a lounge or armchair, or sit up at the long bar. You know you're in the hands of highly talented bartenders you can trust. As we ordered our first drink, Negronis, we knew these guys do such a classic drink total justice.

After a while we decided just to put ourselves in the hands of the bar tender to fix us drinks and surprise us. A good way to go. These bartenders know their stuff and are consistently brilliant.

1806 excel in classic cocktails but also have a few gems of their own. The Charlie Chaplin is also super popular here. 1806 are one of the handful of bars that can successfully match cocktails and food and are well known for their matching degustations.

Recently 1806 celebrated its 6th birthday! The place was packed and guests were able to imbibe a few cocktails and note the huge impact 1806 has had on the cocktail and bar scene in Melbourne. The cocktail menu for the night hummed  with Charlie Chaplins, Tom Collins, Aviation, Pharmaceutical Stimulant, Angels Milk and Sazerac.

And hand cut ice baby...

They also provided guests with their 1806 cocktail book.

1806 1 

We enjoyed 1806 with our international guests and were politely escorted to the door at close (they also do this well).

Some of my photos struggled in the low light (these are courtesy of Lavina Harte at the 6th Birthday), but its rightly not designed for bloggers and their cameras.

Check out my recent blog article on some of the new changes at 1806.

The World Loves Melbourne has 1806 as a favourite and it's one of the reasons why the world loves Melbourne.

Pictures courtesy by Lavina Harte. 

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