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Fa-Fah Serving Up Sumptuous Chinese Roasts

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Fa-Fah is an impressive eatery in a modern pleasant part of Chadstone Shopping Centre away from the food court precinct (breaking news: now closed).

Their speciality is roast meats done in the Chinese style. Personally this is my kind of meal, and intend to revisit Fa-Fah sooner than later. Tender and well barbecued roasts, slow cooked, with excellent sides. While I enjoy English roasts, given my background and upbringing, these days I'm mighty partial to Chinese roast meats. The World Loves Melbourne dined at Fa-Fah as a guest on a Saturday lunch time.

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When choosing an eatery at Chadstone Shopping Centre I'm looking for something affordable, tasty and convenient. And a meal that stands out from the pack. Fa-Fah offers something unique, detached from the food court scene. We were greeted by the staff dressed in red as we entered. First thing we noticed was the modern appealing fit out with tiles and timber, including the polished timber floor. Modern artwork, including this picture of pork cuts above, adorned. For a larger group we were accomodated at one of the side tables. The chefs can be seen at work through the open window to the kitchen, giving an authentic vibe of a busy Asian kitchen.

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Fa-Fah served us these Fried wantons which were super crispy on the outside and brilliant filling on the inside. We only ordered only one serve, keen to make way for the roasts.

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Grab your Chinese style drinks here too. Red bean milk tea was the way to go, preferred over soft drinks. With a sweetness, I enjoyed the experience of the milk tea. The bottom of the drink contained beans rather than pearls, and was almost a meal as well as a drink. I sipped on this milk tea as I devoured the roasts.

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Fa-Fah specialises in roasts but Sam ordered the Hot and sour noodles from North West China. This dish had some real heat and was impressive for the price, filled with mushrooms, noodles and a soup with kick. 

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We can also recommend the Red bean soya milk tea.

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Then it was down to business with the roasts. Next time I'm at Chadstone Shopping Centre I'll be be wanting to order this Triple Happiness dish. I've been around when it comes to roasts! I often order roast meats when in Chinatown of any city. So I know my roasts. Here at Fa-Fah the roasts are delectable.

The Triple Happiness was ordered by two us us and I consider if affordable at around $15 for 3 roasts. The good news of the Triple happiness was that 2 of the roasts involved pork. The Roast pork belly was a feature, slowly cooked and melt in your mouth. With crispy skin of course.

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The second roast in the Triple Happiness is the Char Siew - wonderful caramelised sticky pork. I could eat this all day. Glistening and alluring, it drew me in. BBQ Chinese dynamite!

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The final roast in the medley is the Roast chicken, cooked slowly and expertly, and was a winner with our group.

The Triple Happiness comes with cucumber to contrast and refresh, but I recommend ordering a rice dish or two.

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Critical to the cause is the quality of rice. Here I found happiness. Some Melbourne establishments let me down in the rice department when they serve up low grade rice with only a few ingredients, say corn and peas. Not so at Fa-Fah. 

The Sticky black pork came dancing in the rice, with plenty of egg and some greens. I seriously could imbibe this dish on its own and would be a reason in itself to visit Fa-Fah. The Egg Fahn, Beef Fahn and Cereal Fahn also all looked interesting.

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Here again is the Triple Happiness, my pick of the menu, and excellent value. The Double Happiness with 2 roasts is also great value, but why order this when you get the Triple Happiness for only $2 more?

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We also ordered the Bacon wrapped prawns, which were suprisingly filling, and rewarding, if not a touch decadent.

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Here is another example of the modern fit out at Fa-FaH...

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Fa-Fah is a great option for families due to its friendly menu and affordability. While we were there on a Saturday the place was quite full, including couples and families. Fa-Fah is more upmarket that your average Asian eatery.

The good news is that Fa-Fah is open for both lunch and dinner. Highly recommended.

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