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New Lunch Spots - Paperboy Kitchen and Koba K-BBQ


The World Loves Melbourne is always open to new lunch spots in Melbourne. We visited Paperboy Kitchen and Koba K-BBQ in the heart of the Melbourne CBD in a quest for affordability and fresh quality lunch options...

 Paperboy Kitchen

Paperboy Kitchen is a new Vietnamese inspired eatery in Little Bourke St that inspires with its cool location, and simple menu which provides fresh tasty twist on Vietnamese fare. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to check it out...


Choose from a Traditional Roll or Rice Noodle Bowl - all come with Asian Slaw, Carrot-Daikon Pickle, Sriracha-Mayo and Coriander.
Slow Cooked Beef Braised Brisket with Pho dipper was the rice noodle bowl of choice - check it out below...


Paperboy Kitchen delivered on fresh and zesty flavours, with a generous portion of the beef brisket. 

The choices also included popular Panko Fish, BBQ Chicken, Pulled Lamb & Hoisin, and Red Curry Cauliflower...

The Fried Chicken also looked interesting featuring Marinated Free Range Chicken Riblets with Sriracha Mayo.


Paperboy Kitchen also showed finesse with this pho reduction, or dipper.I was meant to dip but I just drank the reduction to get th epho soup "hit". The popcorn was also an interesting addition to make for an interesting lunch.


Paperboy Kitchen is adorned with quirky pieces...



Paperboy Kitchen is a great new addition to the Melbourne culinary scene...

Paperboy Kitchen on Urbanspoon




Koba K-BBQ

Koba K-BBQ is about a fusion of flavours and is one of Melbourne's more interesting affordable lunch options. Here Korean meets Mexican.

Many would question this, but it works. 


Koba impressed me with its simplicity and its awesome tacos and burittos... Just choose from Beef, Tofu, Chicken or Spicy Pork - and of course I ordered Spicy Pork.


Check out this spicy pork goodness, bringing Korean flavours with slaw in a Mexican burrito. Go the sriracha sauce! Go the kimchi fried rice instead of normal rice. I could have also gone a Korean influenced bulgogi beef...


I couldn't resist the Kimchi fries, and loved the heat, as well as the crispiness of the fries, cheese, kimchi, onions, relish and sour cream...

I sat there imbibing this fresh and tasty food on one of the small tables, and saw that there were also tables out on Hardware Lane.

Staff are friendly and eager to guide you in your choices.



Koba K-BBQ impressed with the spiciness and heat in these dishes - something interesting for lunch.  

Koba K-BBQ on Urbanspoon

Both Paperboy Kitchen and Koba K-BBQ are now on my lunch radar...