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Darren Percival's Lovelife, Interview and Tour

darren percival

Darren Percival set Australia alight during his time on The Voice. He hasn't stopped performing since and the momentum is growing.

The World Loves Melbourne was 'wowed' at an intimate performance from Darren last year at a Melbourne restaurant. Recently we were able to spend some time interviewing Darren and we're excited about his upcoming tour and new album.

Darren Pervival's national tour kicks off on the 23rd May at The Palms, Crown Casino. Tickets are available from www.darrenpercival.comYou can see the entire national tour dates and locations (metro and regional) on his website.

Darren's new album ‘Lovelife’ is also out now from iTunes and JB Hi-Fi/ Sanity Stores. 


Check The World Loves Melbourne interview with Darren Percival - 

What is life like after The Voice?

I was immediately swept up in a giant wave of publicity, journey album release and national tour + corporate gigs and school shows….then I was standing on stage at The Melbourne Carols. Those first six months were a whirlwind. My team and I rode the wave into my second album release ‘A Tribute To Ray Charles’ and another tour that included various music festivals. Then I went home and spent some very valuable time on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. My new album Lovelife was born out of this retreat in the arms of my wife and children These days life is pretty much the same as before The Voice only now people recognize me at the airports.

What have you been doing?

I have been getting fit again, writing songs, swimming, cooking, reading and catching up on my favourite TV series on the couch. I have enjoyed being in the family routine and inspired by witnessing all of their achievements in the moment instead of on Skype. Much better…

What can we expect from your new album Lovelife?

This album celebrates 20 years of working with my old mate Paul Gray. He produced the music and played just about everything. I am proud of the singing on this record – it was all captured live in the studio in first or second takes. You can expect to hear classic songs interpreted by one of Australia’s most loved singers. You can expect to be taken on an abundant ride of sonic bliss and transported to a soulful land of lush backing vocals and deep grooves. This is the date night, sure thing soundtrack.

Are you a romantic?

I am romantic often and until I met my wife it was rarely appreciated. There is beauty in simple things that are all around us and being grateful for them and honoring scared moments is my definition of romance. Being aware…

Any tips? 

Effortlessness takes preparation.

What can we expect from your Tour?

No lip-syncing.

Have you thought about overseas markets?

When I release my album of original songs we will go overseas and tour.  All of my music is available in overseas markets – I’m just not in a position to be away from Australia at this time of my life. When the children are a little bit older and this next collection of music is complete we will travel.

What advice would you give to current contestants on The Voice?

Find a great publicist, accountant and agent and as soon as you can reconnect with your audience after the competition start working hard to ensure you have plenty of live work and all of your social media is aligned with your website. Collaborate and write as many songs as you can. Don’t expect anybody to do anything for you because you think they will. Focus on doing all of the things that you feel are right for your artistic journey. Be the boss. Listen to your elders but follow your heart.

I hear you're good mates with Keith Urban.

Lucky for me I went from fan to friend. We don’t meet for BBQ’s but we occasionally connect via email. That’s what I do with most of my mates – share.

How would you describe Keith?


What do you think of current judges' line up on The Voice?

Let me get back to you at the end of this series.

Would you go with Keith or Kylie?

Keith. ALL. THE. WAY!

Do you keep in touch with other contestants you met on The Voice?

I was already friends with several contestants on The Voice so I have kept in contact with them as we always had but Dianne Rouvas and I laughed pretty hard during our time on Team Keith and I am grateful that hasn’t diminished.


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