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Olive Oils of Spain and Spanish Chicken Recipe

Spanish Chicken 1
Why is the Meditteranean Diet so popular? What are the key ingredients to healthy eating? The World Loves Melbourne understands Olive Oils from Spain play a key part in a healthy diet, as backed up by research. Olive Oils from Spain are high in quality and these products are easily accessible in our supermarkets and specialty food stores at affordable prices.

In Spain there are more than 260 varieties of olives. Out of these olives, different Olive Oils are produced depending on the soil, the moment of the harvest and the production methods. This results in an almost never ending range of Olive Oils from Spain under many prestigious brands. It is definitely worth a try.

Spain is the worldwide leader in production, commercialization and exports of Olive Oils.  And also has the widest variety of olives, so it offers the widest range of aromas and flavors in Olive Oils. There is an Olive Oil from Spain for every occasion, every palate and every dish.

The great technological investment undertaken by this sector in Spain in recent years has allowed it to obtain olive oils of the highest quality at competitive prices.

Therefore, Olive Oils from Spain are leaders not only in quantity, but more important, in quality. As a proof of that, the web publishes a ranking of the 50 best Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the world based on the results of 15 major contests. The top 3, are Olive Oils from Spain; in the top 10, there are 8 Spanish oils. 

We at The World Loves Melbourne use loads of Olive Oil in our cooking. We love the taste, are cognisant of the health benefits and appreciate the use of quality Olive Oils from Spain in cooking.
Olive Oil has been used as trade barter and valued commodity over the centuries in many cultures. Olive Oil has always been valued for its medicinal properties, as well as its taste. 
Olive Oil is renowned for its health benefits including helping to regulate cholesterol levels in blood. Olive Oils from Spain are an excellent source of monounsaturated fat, contain high levels of natural antioxidants, and in particular vitamin E and valuable polyphenols.
Also, Olive Oils from Spain can be beneficial to the digestive system, protecting against ulcers and gastritis, and gallstone formation, according to scientific research.
Spanish Chicken 3
The World Loves Melbourne recently cooked up this classic Spanish Chicken recipe, given to us by leading Melbourne Spanish chef Manuel Villegas (Twitter) - 
Delicioso Spanish Chicken

2 small chickens (small quality organic) or 1.8kg chicken thighs
Olive Oil from Spain - 3 tablespoons
4 brown onions diced
2 garlic cloves chopped fine 
1 espresso glass brandy (70ml)
1/2 litre white wine
Salt and pepper to taste
Thyme to taste
4 bay leaves
200g Mediterranean Kalamata olives

1. Place chicken in large saucepan or pan with Olive Oil and brown the chicken. 
2. Place diced onion and garlic on top of the chicken and continue to cook for a few more minutes (see photo above).
3. When onion is transparent from the heat and steam, place the  brandy in the pan and flamb√© (see introduction photo above).
4. Then add half litre of wine, salt and pepper, thyme and bay leaves to the pan.
5. Slow cook until chicken is cooked and the sauce is brown (use pan, saucepan, slow cooker or oven)...
6. About 10 minutes before you finish cooking add Mediterranean Kalamata olives
7. Eat with bread or rice and red wine
Serves 5
We often use the oven for the slow cook, and leave the dish uncovered to allow for more browning.
The whole family loves this rustic dish and it's also great for when friends visit. There's always a sense of theatre when a flambe is involved!
We love Spanish food and Spanish cooking and enjoy using Olive Oils from Spain in the process.
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