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Cecconi's Rustic Italian Haven with Spring Menu

Cecconi's is a standout Italian restaurant in Melbourne and a favourite of The World Loves Melbourne. Walk down into the basement on Flinders Lane and step into a world of fine rustic Italian cuisine that has thrilled diners for decades. Cecconi's keeps evolving with a recent rennovation and we were there to experience the new Spring menu. Check out our Best Italian Restaurants in Melbourne.


Cecconi's is like dining with family. Maria Bortolotto met us at the door with her usual cheer and engagement. We were then ushered to a table with white pristine tablecloth and beautiful plateware. I've never had an average, let alone bad experience at Cecconi's - each time has been memorable. It's one of the selection of Melbourne restaurants I love to return to, whether for lunch or dinner (and the occasional breakfast).


For Entree my mate Mario and I both enjoyed a combination - of CRISPY KING PRAWN WITH BLACK SESAME, AVOCADO, PICKLED CUCUMBER, LIME and the CARAMELISED SCALLOPS, BROCCOLI PANGRATTATO, PROSCIUTTO CRISPS, LEMON AIOLI.  The Crispy Prawn was perfection and the Caramelised Scallops were delicate and delicious. This entree was highly rewarding and you wanted more, but we knew a substantial amount of food was to follow...


Cecconi's cooks pasta expertly, and we understand not every restaurant does so. How rustic can you get with a pasta dish? Cecconi's took us into rustic overdrive with this SQUID INK GNOCCHI, BROCCOLI, BABY SQUID, CHILLI AND CHIVES. I for one am a fan of chilli in pasta dishes for extra kick. The Squid Ink Gnocchi was like soft pillows and a perfect combination with the quality seafood. the textures of this dish were wonderful with the crunch of the broccoli offsetting the soft pasta and the delectable squid. The sauce created by this dish enhanced its rustic nature, and there was plenty of it.


Staff at Cecconi's are true professionals and dart around in their fine black aprons...


Cecconi's was well patronised for lunch this week day, with the table in the above photo about to be filled. All around was bright conversation and many business types enjoying this well established restaurant. 


We had already eaten well and were in a state of happiness. But the advent of the TASMANIAN WILDERNESS SCOTCH FILLET, TRUFFLED MASH, KING BROWN MUSHROOM, JUS caused a mini celebration. This was another rustic high, with Cecconi's knowing what to do with truffles, infued in this wonderful mash. The compelling taste of the mash stayed with me all day. The Scotch Fillet was tender and of the highest quality. Needless to say the jus was spot on and the combination of mushroom, steak, mash and jus was a cacophony of rustic brilliance. (I'm sure the ROCK FLATHEAD main course would also have been excellent).


Cecconi's has that touch of finery with the waitress offering various mustards and accompaniments for the main course...


So good I had to take another image. the mash was so so creamy...


And served with these crisp vegetables...


Cecconi's also boast a decent wine list and we enjoyed matching wines with the Spring Menu...


Cecconi's also thrills with its intricate desserts with the stunning WHITE CHOCOLATE CHEESCAKE, BROWNIE, NOCELLO GELATO and the CITRUS BAVAROIS, PISTACHIOCANTUCCI, MANDARIN SORBETTO a triumph. Italian and citrus go hand in hand, and the Sorbetto was a favourite.

Cecconi's is a Melbourne darling of restaurants. And the Spring Menu is once again compelling. Check it out.