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Munich Brauhaus for Taste of Melbourne 2014


Munich Brauhaus have lit up the South Wharf precinct in a big way and are bringing their German Bavarian Bierhaus hospitality to Taste of Melbourne. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to a preview of the Munich Brauhaus menu for Taste of Melbourne and we enjoyed the hearty German fare and fun vibe.


Being a fan of South Wharf and several restaurants there I'm amazed at the impact of Munich Brauhaus in a short time. They've brought a sense of fun to South Wharf with their huge German bier hall, compelling bier menu, cuisine that goes the extra mile, German band, excellent service and staff wearing German outfits, DJ with fun tunes, and the bier bike sensation. What more could you want? And Munich Brauhaus has brought large crowds to South Wharf especially on weekends.


The evening began with our group riding around on the fabulous bier bike. You may have seen bier bikes on your travels in Europe. So cool to have one in South Wharf. We traversed through Docklands with about a dozen of us pedalling away and singing along to the music pumping from the speakers (mostly 80s). The restaurant crowd and passers by in Docklands raised a smile and some took pictures on their smartphones.

Great news - I'm told the Munich Brauhaus Bier Bike will be in force at Taste of Melbourne.


Check out the size of the main bier hall at Munich Brauhaus (below). This place caters for about 900 people and it gets packed.


Taste of Melbourne promises to be amazing in 2014 and Munich Brauhaus will be cooking up this Chargrilled Nurnberger Sausage, Sauerkraut with Speck, German Mustard. Nurnberger sausage is legendary in Bavaria and Munich Brauhaus served us a superb meal of this dense and hearty sausage. Small thin bratwurst with a pork base and seasoned to perfection.


The Speck accompaniment (German bacon) and Sauerkraut were also a hit with a rustic feel about the whole meal.


Moreover this dish is great with bier. We experienced 3 high quality biers that will feature at Taste of Melbourne - 

Munich Lager (own signature brew)

Franziskanner Hefe Weissbier Hell (imported)

Lowenbrau Original (imported)




The German chef had us captivated by his stories of the history of German food and the philosophy of Munich Brauhaus.

Dessert by Munich Brauhaus at Taste of Melbourne is this magnificent Hausmade Apfelstrudel, Vanilla Custard, Fresh Cream. I loved the generous serving of apple and the flaky pastry.


This was such a fun evening, with thanks to Emma and team from HotHouse Media. Munich Brauhaus is brilliantly running a shuttle to Taste of Melbourne - get on it. Prost!


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