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Burrata from La Cucina Di Sandra A Winner at Good Food and Wine Show

The Good Food and Wine Show has engaged Melbourne once again with master classes, displays and food and wine stalls. One of The World Loves Melbourne's favourite places at the Melbourne Good Food and Wine show is the Cheese Alley. Some of Australia's best cheese makers have graced the Cheese Alley of the Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre this year, including That's Amore Cheese from Carlton.

That's Amore Cheese had one of the more interesting displays at their Mozzarella Bar with compelling cheese dishes, rather than just mere samples of cheese to mop up with toothpicks. While we enjoyed other cheese displays, we felt That's Amore Cheese provided an extra finesse.

Following the success of previous festivals, That's Amore Cheese featured the famous mini burrata sandwich from Sandra del Greco of La Cucina Di Sandra Cooking School in Richmond. The reaction on social media was excellent, with Sandra's creation a perennial favourite at Melbourne food festivals. One comment was "the line was so long I gave up." Another comment was "so amaze", and "I love it", as well as "oh my...burrata is my one (ok one of) true food love".

Here is Sandra pictured (middle) above with That's Amore at the Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show. The World Loves Melbourne is partial to Buffalo mozzarella and Sandra's dish is an example of what's in store for customers at her fun and compelling cooking classes in Richmond. 

Here is the recipe:

Mini Burrata Sandwiches

Ingredients for 4 People:

8 That's Amore Cheese Fiore di Burrata (available at La Latteria)

50gr anchovies preserved in olive oil
50gr pine nuts
30ml red wine vinegar
200gr breadcrumbs made from day old bread, coarsely crumbled in a food processor
200gr rocket leaves
200gr multi coloured pomodorini (red, yellow, orange and black)
Finely grated zest of one lemon
100ml extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper

Bring the mini burratas to room temperature. Once at room temperature, dry them with some paper towel and rub a little extra virgin olive oil around each one.
Toast the coarse breadcrumbs in a fry pan and when gold, add a little extra virgin olive oil and combine with the lemon zest. Cool and reserve.
Once the breadcrumbs are cold, dip each burrata in the breadcrumbs mixture.
Cut the mini burratas in half and gently push each half with your thumb to create a small hollow.
Combine the anchovies, the pine nuts, the vinegar and the olive oil and whiz with a stick blender to create a smooth cream.
Dress the rocket with a little extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.
Slice the pomodorini in thin slices.
Spread the anchovy cream on each side of the mini burratas. Top with a few slices of pomodorini in different colours. Close each half to create a sandwich.
You may want to secure each sandwich with a finger food toothpick. You may need to add a few more breadcrumbs on top of each sandwich.
Serve the stuffed burratas on a few rocket leaves. Serve 2 per person as an entree or one per person as finger food.

The World Loves Melbourne has enjoyed several of the bespoke cooking classes at La Cucina Di Sandra Cooking School that feature Italian regional cooking and have been acclaimed by many foodies in the city. Sandra is one of Melbourne's characters that have a foodie history in this city, and who cooks the recipes of her Zia from Italy with a modern twist. She is one of the hottest tickets in Melbourne right now and is conducting seasonal classes including mushroom classes.

Georgio Linguanti from That's Amore Cheese was active walking around in good cheer with trays of ricotta filled cannoli. 

Other dishes at that's Amore also impressed and were super affordable, including Caprese Skewers, Buffalo Prosciutto and Cannoli with ricotta.

Ainsley Harriott has been a popular face of this year's Good Food and Wine Show and endeared himself to the foodie community of Melbourne.


We enjoyed connecting with Ainsley at the 4-day Melbourne event from 5-8 June where joined favourites Miguel Maestre and Alastair McLeod - both back for another year to set foodies on the right path to experiencing 2015's flavours, fragrances and fresh finds.