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Collingwood Architecture Designing The Future


Collingwood’s latest residential apartment project, YOU AND I, is seamlessly combining fine arts with architecture to create a visual masterpiece by adorning five larger-than-life artworks to the upcoming building’s facade.

Developed by ICD Property, architecturally designed by Orbit Architecture and interior design by Carr Design Group, YOU AND I has integrated a selection of artworks from Melbourne artist, Steve Rosendale, to turn what is often a stagnant façade into a visual platform that gentrifies the streetscape and embraces the inner-suburb’s eclectic and artistic history.

Introducing the art concept at the initial design stages and tasked with bringing Mr Rosendale’s artwork to life some 10 metres into the sky,  Orbit Architecture’s creative director, Chris Goss, said the team undertook painstaking research to ensure the best methods could be employed to stitch Mr Rosendale’s original artworks onto the building fabric.


Fabricating the pieces through modern applications Mr Goss said they were experimenting with processes that are relatively new to the Melbourne architecture scene.

“ To actually replicate and construct Steve’s artworks we will integrate an unusual technique of curing graphic concrete to create an impression on at least one of the walls, and then express the detail of the other designs via perforated metal screens,” he said.

Layering templates over slabs of graphic concrete, the team will recreate one of Rosendale’s pieces in bas-relief by slowing down the drying time of sections of the concrete.

Removing the templates, the slabs will be water-blasted to remove the unset residue and pieced together to create a seamless artwork piece.

Experimenting with robust building fabrics such as perforated metal screens, Mr Goss said the team was incorporating new cutting-edge techniques in design and manufacturing to best express Mr Rosendale’s pieces on the building’s façade.

“ In the final product, the graduation of perforated gaps in the metal screen will coalesce to create textured pieces that are lit by ambient light.

“ Given the task to activate an area that thrives with a host of permanent and passing community members, we had to ensure the overall design was naturally relevant to both the building and the precinct.

“ The evolution of the precinct over time has helped shape YOU AND; for example, there’s a strong urban subculture that appreciates street-art and so Steve Rosendale’s artworks elevate what is normally considered street graffiti and stencil work into high-end artistry on an unseen scale,” he said.

“ Partnering with a forward-thinking developer like ICD Property has enabled us to design YOU AND I to reflect the diverse culture living in and around the CBD, while also allowing us to push the envelope by employing some exciting and emerging design techniques.

“ ICD Property’s adventurous brief has allowed us to integrate the use of these artworks to create a building which will become a locational reference point for those who live or work in the area long after the project is sold – in essence the building becomes a part of the suburb’s identity,” Mr Goss said.


With Collingwood once famed for its local artisan residents during the 60s, 70s and 80s, ICD Property’s Managing Director, Michael Mai said it was incredibly important for the apartment project to contribute positively to Collingwood’s unique character rather than try to take it away.

“ Over the years this active mixing of cultures has resulted in an incredible injection of unique character to the area so we wanted to ensure we paid homage to this culture by creating an icon for Smith Street.

“ Combining elegant internals with statement facades YOU AND I is sensitive to the local environment and we envision the development becoming a centrepiece for the Collingwood community.

“ We look forward to seeing the building grow and become the jewel of Smith Street that you and I can all appreciate,” Mr Mai said.

With construction already commenced, YOU AND I is predicted to complete in late 2014.

Already past the 70 per cent sold mark, YOU AND I offers a limited number of prestigious two-bedroom apartments available across the project; for more information contact Andrew Leoncelli on 0405 523 451or head