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Melbourne's Most Picturesque Destinations

Melbourne is never short of things to do and places to see, but sometimes the rugged, natural beauty of Victoria gets overlooked by tourists and locals alike – all in favour of wonderful cafes, exhibitions, shows, and the bustling atmosphere of the city.


However, once in a while it’s good to escape out of the city and enjoy a day picnicking in the bush, relaxing at the beach, or just strolling around some incredibly scenic locations. If this sounds even the slightest bit appealing, here are Melbourne’s most picturesque destinations where you can kick back and unwind. You might find you rekindle your love for the city whilst away...

Pier 35, Port Phillip Bay

All right, it’s not really that far from Melbourne CBD, and it’s not nature in the typical tree-and-lagoon sense – but what Pier 35 in Port Phillip Bay offers is a chance to bask in a wonderful setting, all while being close to the city. Home to restaurants, cafes, and a beautiful marina housing sailboats, you can sip on cocktails here and watch (albeit with slight jealousy) as the sun sets over the pier. Perhaps it’s time to invest in a boat timeshare and live here every day?

Hanging Rock, Daylesford & Macedon Region

Situated less than 90 minutes from Melbourne CBD, Hanging Rock is a spectacular location for bushwalkers and picnickers alike. Perhaps best known as the setting for the novel and film, Picnic at Hanging Rock, this 105 metre extinct volcano is filled with places to explore or unwind. Walk the Hanging Rock Trail and have a picnic at the summit, or be ambitious and plunge into the Black Hole of Calcutta (only for experienced canyoneers!). You’ll come back to Melbourne a new person.

Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Anyone that ventures to Victoria would know about the Great Ocean Road, but this is still one of the best drives you can possibly take to experience the most picturesque destinations that Melbourne has to offer. Drive your own car or go on a tour, and bask in the beauty of limestone formations (like the Twelve Apostles) and sandy bays. The entire road takes around a day including the drive home, so be sure to pack a picnic lunch and possibly dinner – but don’t worry, it’s well worth it.

Trentham Falls, Daylesford & Macedon Region

Another gem from Daylesford, Trentham Falls boasts one of Victoria’s most beautiful waterfalls. A 32 metre drop, the base of the falls houses a river bed and quartz gravel – plus, there’s a reserve for family picnics, and mineral springs nearby. This is Victoria at its finest.

Sangridge Beach, Port Phillip

Another diamond nestled minutes from Melbourne CBD, Sangridge Beach gives visitors spectacular views of Melbourne’s skyline – all while making you feel like you’re in another world. Visit Beacon Cove and gaze at the spectacular lighthouse, or catch a glimpse of the Fairy Wren. A visit here is rejuvenating, to say the very least.

Where do you think Melbourne’s most picturesque destination is located?

Kelly is a writer who visits Melbourne whenever she can.